Oh my! So many more options than before!

If you liked the previous iteration, Line Rider Beta, there’s a new version of this ‘toy’ by the same person, on his own website. Unlike the previous version, this version is highly updated, and you won’t need to depend on gravity to give you all your locomotive force. You can exploit tracks that accelerate and decelerate, or disappear to alter your track.

Still trying to loop my hoop... not bad, actually.

In fact, more and more it seems like the perfect tool for people looking to make a rollercoaster. And in this version, you get to use two characters instead of one, both with pixelised faces that add to the… humour.

If you have not read the article on the Beta version, here’s the lowdown – this game is a sandbox game where you draw a track and you will be presented with a character who takes his sled down your track.

It’s up to you whether you want to test the limits of physics – like I did, or if you want to build a rollercoaster, etc. Your imagination can be made real with a few lines drawn on the trackpad.

The game is extremely addictive, and there’s no rhyme or reason why. All I can say is that you have to try it for yourself.

Check it out!

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One Response to Bored again? Entertain yourself with Line Rider 2.0

  1. Bosty says:

    I give up! the infinite loop is impossible!

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