Formerly known as the L.O.G.G.O.N.

The List Of Good Games On Netbooks will list all good games that you can play on a netbook. Below is the gaming quality of which an average netbook will deliver.

Performance ratings are based on tests by our in-house system and also on opinions of others. Games that were reviewed in-house were tested on a HP Mini 110 with the following specs,

  • Intel Atom N550 (1.5GHz, dual-core, hyperthreaded)
  • Integrated Intel GMA 3150 graphics
  • 1GB DDR667 RAM
  • 250gb 7200-rpm HDD
  • 10.1″ screen (1024×600 native)
  • Windows 7 Professional

Games tested after 18 August 2011 were tested on an Asus Eee PC 1015PN in integrated graphics mode unless otherwise specified.

  • Intel Atom N570 (1.66GHz, dual-core, hyperthreaded)
  • Integrated Intel GMA 3150 graphics (default) or ION 2
  • 2GB DDR667 RAM
  • 250gb 5400-rpm HDD
  • 10.1 screen (1024×600 native)
  • Windows 7 Home Premium

Games that were tested by Netbookist have a link to them. The rest are not personally tested, but are rated based on opinions found online. Contributions will be labelled with credit; please read comments for more information.

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Excellent: games that require no/minimum modification and plays well at high-res.

Good: needs some work/has bugs, but otherwise plays well.

Maybe: Has certain make-or-break issues that might annoy you.

Forcible: Has significant compromises that is likely to turn you off.


Asus 1015PN on ION2

Maybe: Has certain make-or-break issues that might annoy you.

Forcible: Has significant compromises that is likely to turn you off.


151 Responses to Netbook Games

  1. recognizer says:

    I replied in the Deus Ex article that the game would stutter quite a bit on my netbook (N450 @1.6ghz, 1GB RAM, W7 Starter, GMA3150, running at 1024×600 and high settings in-game). Seeing as how DX ran off the original Unreal Engine, and Raven Shield off Unreal Engine 2, just how well can the latter game run? Though perhaps you tested the game off the ION platform. I really want to play Raven Shield on my netbook :P
    It’d be nice to have some further clarification, thanks!

  2. Corporal says:

    Hi recognizer,

    I don’t have access to Raven Shield as such I can’t confirm it. My netbook allows me to play games with both the GMA3150 and ION 2, though I’d say that the bottleneck in your computer might lie in the N450 and the 1GB RAM (mine is a N570 and 2GB).

  3. ee says:

    i read all the page and i find this page very useful for the game loving net book users,so i think i should provide you some infos like some game can be run if u do a lil fix up, cricket 07, some fifa,wwf 2000, gta III,nfs hp2 e.t.c. i guess this game will run in a good condition in net books that contains Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 3150 2/0@200MHz and Intel® Atom™ Dual Core Processor N570(1.66GHz). feel glad if u find this infos useful. thanx

  4. LeParkour012 says:

    Dude! I played Minecraft ever since it was in Beta v1.8.1 Now its the full v1.2.4 its better. Minecraft only lags a little. If you change the settings it only lags a little. So put Minecraft in the “Maybe” Slot

  5. Corporal says:

    LeParkour012, I will try Minecraft again and let you know. I guess with the retail version, they should have straightened things up.

  6. Mohit says:

    I tried Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance but i faced a black screen error.
    Then i research on google will that gamework on google. I found that this game is not supported in gma3150 i tried every patch i found evry fix i found. But the error never gone.
    My specs Lenovo S10-3s
    2gb ram
    intel atom n475 intel gma 3150
    windows 7 32 bit.
    all drivers updated. i plays san andreas.
    I want to know is that list is really tested. If yes I need help to run that game.

  7. Corporal says:

    Hi Mohit,

    MGS2 appears to not have been tested, but its rating was concluded based on scouring the net for opinions. The games that are tested are the ones with links to another webpage. Apologies about your inability to run it – I will update the list accordingly. Thanks a lot for the comment.

  8. farnsworth says:

    Hi. I have a Gateway L22 – it’s year and a half old or so, but it has an AMD Athalon K125 with an ATI HD4225. I got it as it was the cheapest model with a HDMI out at the time(I wanted internet + neflix on my TV). It plays Oblivion at about 27-30 fps and Fallout 3 at about 20-24 fps – both with low detail. I have used Fallout New Vegas and it only runs at about 14-20 fps in low- so I have yet to see if Skyrim will work at all. Sorry Im not a COD player so I cant tell you what it can do. Torchlight works at 30fps easy tho, as does WOW (adjusting details down). These titles could belong on your maybe list ( I saw someone running oblivion on a GMA laptop with all details down and some minor tweaks ).
    There are certainly stronger notebooks out there now (ION2 I would imagine), so while your list sets some good minimum games for Intel GMA users, you could expand the scope some more and include some newer games.
    Good work tho! Its fun to be able to relax and play on a netbook while sitting in your backyard on a warm eve. :)

  9. Corporal says:


    I searched around the net for your exact netbook, and it turns out you have a real kickass machine! That HD4225 will take you a long way, and what a deal at < $300.

    And don't fret if you want to play Skyrim - my ION2 netbook can run it with severe modding, and yours will probably run it too with this mod:

  10. marc samarita says:

    hey guys can you try out “left for dead 1″ on a acer aspire 1 zg5
    intel atom cpu n270@1.60 GHz with 1 GB of RAM

  11. marc samarita says:

    hey guys you can add a new game on that list
    the game is “veitcong”

  12. Eoin says:

    Hey Guys, you want to be adding Stronghold and Stronghold 2 to the ‘runs well box’. My book is a Samsung N150, Atom N450 1.66GHZ, 2GB RAM (upgraded from 1gb), Intel GMA 3150. Incidentally, is that decent for a netbook, i dont know?

  13. Eoin says:

    even though they’re not exactly games, i’d like to add that all Adobe CS5 programs, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc, run perfectly on my system. You can get around Illustrators Resolution requirement by installing with an external monitor connected. Peace

    • Mr. Ericsson says:

      All Adobe CS6 apps work fine on mine.(LT4010u) win7 64bit 4gig ram…Gee, I might have the ultimate netbook.

  14. TatomirCG says:

    hello i would like to put another game to ur netbook games list……awesome and epic and simple rpg….but it will make u play it… is very nice Avadon:the black fortress….works perfect on Acer aspire one 1.67 ghz 2 giga ram…readyboost…with a 2 giga phone memory card…and Sherry driver for the intel GMA 3150..(driver that i tought it would bust my netbook…when i instaled it…but works perfect)……enjoy a great rpg…..

  15. RaPw says:

    man, this is really helpful. thanks.
    In my Atom N455 1.6 GHz, 1GB RAM, GMA 3150, Win XP, GTA San Andreas works well (at least not bad), even better than Counter Strike 1.6 with >20 BOT.
    Are you sure to adding it into “Forcible”?

  16. Tiger says:

    Add to your list if you like, Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) is completely playable, Alone In The Dark The New Nightmare is completely playable, and The Matrix Path Of Neo will not start. These were all played/tried on an Asus Eee 1015PEM with Intel Atom N550 processor, Windows 7 Ultimate, 2GB RAM, and Intel GMA 3150.

  17. Dion says:

    Hey all, I have a Toshiba NB505 and was wanting to play the civilization 4 complete and am getting a rendering error. The patch wont load from the website I think because of the different video card that I have installed. It is Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150. Any one know of any patches or something else I may need to do in order to be able to play my game. Thanks for all the help.

    • Corporal says:

      I kinda doubt that even with the right patches, you’ll get enough FPS to play the game.

      • Tiger says:

        I doubt you’ll get Civilization 4 to run too, but there is a third-party driver for the Intel GMA 3150 called Sherry 1.3 – It’s much better than the official Intel drivers and actually provides a bit of performance boost.

        • Grim Reaper says:

          Doubt if you will but I managed to get civ 4 working without any fuss at all (eee 1011px). runs smoothly enough, even though not at full fps but for a tbs is really ok

        • dhan says:

          hey tiger do you have link for alone in the dark??

  18. Carvalho96 says:

    The original starcraft + starcraft brood war work perfectly on my hp mini and, through some modding, I got the Elder Scrolls Oblivion to run rather smoothly…and I also wanted to add that ALL dosbox games run seamlessly…

  19. osumpossum says:

    I’d like to say that GTA:SA ran quite well in low to medium settings on my atom n455 1.67ghz, gma3150 and 2gb ram. Vice City ran pretty good too. Fear, IGI 2 and Splinter Cell is unplayable even in low settings.

  20. Tiger says:

    I actually have another couple for you, Corporal. Very surprising ones! Again this on my Asus Eee 1015PEM, specs are identical to the one at the very top except mine has 2GB of RAM. Half-Life 2 and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion! Yes I actually have both these running on a netbook! I would highly recommend putting these under the maybe category. They run decently enough to play and enjoy the games, but there are going to be parts and overall where you’re not going to get the same quality and FPS as playing them on more powerhouse systems. But still incredible both these work on netbook~!

    • Tiger says:

      Edit: I’ve been playing a little more of both and each can run in medium settings, 1024×600 or 1024×768 with decent quality and frames for a netbook!

      • Tiger says:

        Update: Ugh nevermind on Oblivion, I found a gamebreaker (at least on the Asus Eee 1015PEM). It always crashes with an error upon trying to enter the sewer in the very first part of the game.

        • jhaneyron says:

          Actually, I managed to finish Oblivion on my Acer Netbook. Either you download Oldblivion which makes it more playable (possibly smoother) in the cost of graphics OR you could configure something in the .ini file, search it, the problem has something to do with the water OR you can download a mod that removes the oh-so beautiful water effects oblivion has.

  21. SpoiledSpade says:

    Hi Corporal! Greetings from SpoiledSpade! :D

    I just dropped-by to tell you that you have an awesome site! I had an Alienware M17x back home, but when I enrolled myself for college I followed the bandwagon and bought a Sony Vaio Mini (VPCM126AG), Intel Atom N470, 320 GBs, 2 GBs of Ram :D

    It’s been almost two years now, so i’ve experimented with a lot of games on my netbook, some amazed me but others to my dismay disappointed me a lot. You have done an excellent job with this list here; I was inspired by some titles from your list and made myself an account over at especially to download some of these gems! :D

    But I was cross checking your list with the titles that I already have, and to my surprise i found out that “CLAW” didn’t make the list? :O

    I donno if you’ve played that game, or even heard of it, but it is just plain freakin’ awesome!

    So it is my most sincere and humble request to you to add that game over there! :D

    P.S. I’m also a fellow Canadian! T.DOT baby! :D

  22. karatekidxbox says:

    Corporal what FPS games will work on acer aspire one d225e that has a
    Intel GMA 3150
    2gb of RAM
    Intel N570 with 1.66ghz
    please reply and
    PS: Best site for netbook entusiasts and gamers and keep the site alive!!! by posting more games.

    • Corporal says:

      That’s basically the same set-up on my current netbook. You’ll do fine with most games except the ones tested on an “ION 2″ graphics processor.

    • Tiger says:

      Check the list above, there are some pretty good FPS classics that will run on netbooks. :D

  23. lbwit says:

    can u guys add to the list
    Ragnarok Online (mmorpg)
    Trickster (mmorpg)
    Bit Trip Runner (puzzle)
    Geometry Wars (multi-directional shooter)
    LIMBO (puzzle)
    VVVVVV (action, platformer)
    Superbrothers Sword and Sworcery EP (RPG, puzzle)
    The Binding of Isaac (action RPG shooter) obs: this one runs not perfectly, its a little slow but playable

    I’m on a HP mini 110

  24. kiran says:

    hey, netbook specs are intel atom n450(1.66ghz,512kb cache),gma 3150.could you tell me any game that runs on my netbook?

  25. Tiger says:

    The following games are perfectly playable from beginning to end on netbook:

    * Monkey Island: Special Edition
    * Monkey Island 2: Special Edition
    * Thief Gold
    * Thief 2
    * Peggle Deluxe
    * Peggle Nights

  26. Alu says:

    These games also run smoothly on netbook without modification:
    Dwarf Fortress
    Dungeons of Dredmor
    Bit.Trip Runner

    On extremely low settings, you can also play
    Recettear: An Item Shops tale
    (everything set for high performance, set fps-limit to 12 or 20

    Same for Minecraft btw. Runs pretty well

  27. 0R74ND0 says:

    Intel GMA 3150 can run Crysis on custom very low settings at 300×200 without lag.

  28. Spix says:

    SPORE it can too!
    but how about need for speed hot pursuit 2010?

  29. Tiger says:

    Glad to see Diablo II on the list, just got into it again because of Diablo III. Someone on YouTube supposedly got Diablo III running on a netbook, but on mine best I can get it to is the title screen in a window with a black display. I can hear the title menu and see Diablo III’s mouse cursor but the rest of the window is black. Shame…Gotta be on my desktop to play it. :(

  30. haggai says:

    did anyone try to run the ‘forcible’ category on the same net-books but with windows xp installed? i bet they’d run better coz xp needs less of your system than win 7

  31. Aries says:

    Hi Corporal, this is extremely helpful site u have here :)

    Ummm..Im blind maybe but I dont see Dungeon siege 2 here o.O

    I have 1015 PEM like tiger just with 1gb RAM , and i play it almoust everyday. It have some laggy places but I say it should be on Good :) you wont have beutiful graphics but u can play it on low very well :) I reccomend u to try it

  32. Simon says:

    2 games that are worth a look into are Locomotion if your a fan of the whole transport tycoon franchise, it’s pretty much transport tycoon with rollercoaster tycoon graphics, can be very addictive, another is an rpg I used to play on my psp, now I play it on my netbook since the Vita has no way of playing umds, Ys the oath in Felghana, it’s worth a look into, a little old school but kicks so much ass!, I heard Ys origin’s works well on the netbook too though I have yet to try it with all the Vita games currently out, another one I played was Max and the magic marker which is a bit of a puzzler platform sort of game, other than that Final fantasy VII and VIII work just fine aswell as a old school game nobody will remember even being on the pc, Lunar silver star story, all very much worth a look into :)

  33. killyourself says:


    no, please die

  34. Epidemic says:

    You can add these titles to the list (sorry if I glanced over some already mentioned), I have them on my Acer Aspire One D255 (n550 1.5ghz, gma3150,1gb ddr3, win 7 home basic):

    Arcanum – works great, needs patching to run in 1000×600 if I recall correctly, long time since i’ve installed it.

    Lionheart – Legacy Of The Crusader – works great

    Rune – works with high settings, some minor choking with fire effects which don’t turn up that often in the game…

    Vampire The Masquerade – Redemption – works great on highest settings

    Streets Of Rage Remake – works flawlessly with regilar 2xscale filter

    Megaman X8 – see above

    Return To Castle Wolfenstein – works great on 800×600 high settings

    Ignition – works with 3dfx patch and dgVoodoo in 800×600

    Moto GP2 – works fine with moderate settings

    Moto Racer 2/3 – 3 works great, 2 can drop the framerate from time to time

    Killer Loop – works like a charm

  35. ThaBizneSS says:

    I Own An Acer Aspire One Intel Atom N570 (1.67Ghz)Acceleron Graphics 10.1 Screen. Many Games Lag On This Netbook Or Wont Start Unless You Hook It Up To A Generic Non-pnp Monitor. This PC Dose Not Have The Ever So High Quality HDMI Port So You’ll Have To Go With A VGA Cable. I Had To Do This For The Following Games.

    1). Empire Earth 2…(Runs Well But Has A Extremely Annoying Lag In The Cursor.

    2).Age Of Empires 2…(Runs Extremely Well, But AOE 3 Will Not Work At All Although It’s One Of The Games On The List.

    3). Sims 3…(Has An Aggravating Lag With All Settings Low, Playing In Safemode Helps Completely.

    4). Need For Speed Underground 2…(Lags A Bunch Which Can Really Get To You When Realize How Fast Yours Supposed To Move At 200 MPH).

  36. wes says:

    FF7 plays pretty well. Even with a PS3 controller. It takes a few minutes to set the buttons right, but it works on my Acer AOD-257 with an n455, 2gb of RAM, and Win7 Pro.

  37. zerg says:

    Worms reloaded and imperium GBR works fine on aspire one d270

  38. Hans says:

    hey might add hacker evolution untold here!I start play it 3 days ago..and it’s make me hard to sleep xD

  39. heya says:

    I reckon the simpsons hit and run should work flawlessly. check it out plus its a fun game

  40. Grim Reaper says:

    Hello. I have an Asus Eee PC 1011PX with Intel Atom N570, 1 GB Ram, Intel GMA 3150 and 320 GB HDD. To this list I’d like to add the following titles:
    – Space Empires IV – excelent playability, even though minimum resolution is 1024×768
    – Space Empires V – I had a problem with this one… really tricky to get around it. Like SE IV, minimum resolution supported is 1024×768 (I have to say that I tried to tweak the files but with no result) and in full screen mode the screen flashes white as though my netbook is taking pictures of me using the screen as a flasher :). To be able to play in full screen and without the flashes, after exhausting every solution that came to my mind, I tried closing explorer.exe before starting the game and it worked. Huge maps and many players make this game truly annoying (once I waited about 10 minutes for my turn, with 250 systems and 15 opponents… and this was in the early stages of the game) and in big combats with lots of fighters, drones and mines the game simply freezes.
    – C&C Generals – good game, got pretty good fps with medium armies (about 50 tanks and 20 or so planes), no problems here although I played with details and res at min. The same is with Zero Hour.

  41. Aries says:

    I see guild 2 , I can say 1 thing about it. it doesnt work longer then 5minutes it just crashes if u dont have 4gb RAM :) even tryed on normal pc with 2gb RAM and same effect. if guy ho say it can run knows how todeal with that problem just write here. europa 1400 gold edition works and its very fun(older version of the guild 2). I dont know of guy ho said its 1404 didnt make mistake by typing name of the game..

  42. -...- says:

    Machine: Asus EeePC 1015CX, 1GB RAM, Intel Atom N2600, GMA 3600, 1024×600

    Fully working:
    Toki Tori
    Super Meat Boy

    Working but low FPS:

  43. Luisl says:

    I have a netbook exactly like the first you named.

    Zoo Tycoon 2 ® Ultimate Collection plays excellent.

    I tried Nexus: The Jupiter Incident but I had problems with the resolution. I downloaded a patch and the game worked, it was fluid but the screen was cut in the edges.

  44. luisl says:

    I tested Dungeons & Dragons Online®: Eberron Unlimited™ on this machine:

    1GB Ram, Intel Atom N455 1.6 GHz, GMA 3150, Win 7, 1024×600

    At first it didn’t work, the screen was just black. I used Intel Display Adapter Management Tool on dndlauncher.exe and then it worked but the FPS is extremely low.

    Forcible category absolutely.

  45. Sebas says:

    Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 runs excellent on a netbook aswell (I have an Acer Aspire One d260, intel atom n450 1,66 ghz 2gb ram, upgraded from 1). Still a fun game I think, eventhough its old!

  46. johnnypants says:

    eee pc 1015pn, ion 2 512mb vram, atom n550 — just got it, amazing. runs fallout 3 on medium well, zero hour maxed out perfectly.

    • Corporal says:

      I have installed Fallout 3 but haven’t got to tried it. You ran the game without mods on your ION 2?

      What is Zero Hour? C&C Generals expansion?

      • johnnypants says:

        yup to both – fallout 3 (and i’ve since installed & am playing fallout new vegas — same game engine, so also runs very well on medium settings) without any special hacks. and by zero hour i meant the generals expansion (+ demanding overhaul mods like vietnam: glory obscured & cold war crisis). next to try: company of heroes.

  47. Mike says:

    Civilization 4,3,2,1 run well on 1.6Ghz and 1 gb ram (Asus eee 1005HA) and all the addons

    • Corporal says:

      I tested Civ 4 and it ran quite poorly and didn’t play too well with the 1024×600 resolution.. did you get a good framerate?

      • I have Civilization 4 Gold (regular game + Warlords expansion) running on a Gateway LT4004u netbook with an Atom N2600 (dual-core, 1.6 GHz), 2 GB of RAM, and the Intel GMA 3600 (400 MHz, based on PowerVR SGX545). Using the Display1_DownScalingSupported hack and a 1024×768 resolution, I get pretty horrible framerates, even with all details turned down. It’s not because the hardware is weak, it’s because Intel will not make the PowerVR chip work well with Windows/DirectX. I and many other people have complained on Intel’s forums for months, with no response from Intel personnel. >:( Civ 4 wouldn’t run well on the GMA 950 and 3150 because all vertex processing occurs on the CPU.

        Some games that work well on my hardware:

        *Unreal Gold (OldUnreal edition)
        *Unreal Tournament (with 3rd-party OpenGL renderer)
        *RCT 1-3 (RCT 3 isn’t smooth, but it’s playable)
        *Postal 2 (has a few glitches and slowdowns at times)
        *Quake 2
        *Quake 3 (Team) Arena
        *Rollcage (DirectX mode doesn’t work, I use a Glide wrapper)
        *Tribes 2
        *Re-Volt (A few glitches, framerate is smooth but inconsistent)
        *Nerf Arena Blast (must use software renderer, I can’t find a good OpenGL one)
        *Nexuiz (it’s a bit stuttery…)
        *World of Padman
        *Wolfenstein Enemy Territory (good frame rates on max settings in an empty map)
        *Return to Castle Wolfenstein (it hates Glide wrappers!)
        *V-Rally 2 (few glitches, otherwise super fast)
        *SuperTuxKart (a bit slow sometimes)
        *Midtown Madness
        *Freedoom and DOOM 1 & 2
        *SimCity 1-4 (must use software renderer for 4)
        *NFS 3 & Porsche Unleashed
        *NFS 2 (lots of compatibility issues to deal with)
        *A Second Face
        *Baseball Mogul 2006
        *Blob Wars
        *Cowboyana (slower than normal, but playable)
        *Death Worm
        *Extremely Goofy Skateboarding
        *Dwarf Fortress
        *Earthsiege 2 (more compatibility issues)
        *EnviroBear 2000
        *Escape from the Underworld
        *Frogger (the 3D one from 1997, with Glide wrapper)
        *Frozen Synapse
        *Icy Tower
        *Motocross Madness 2 (glitchy, playable on lowest settings)
        *Pax Brittanica

        Really slow but functional (maybe playable, maybe not):
        *WarCraft 3 + Frozen Throne
        *Tribes Vengeance
        *Team Fortress 2 (laaaaaaaaaaaaaaag….)
        *Star Wars Rogue Squadron
        *Smokin’ Guns
        *SimCity Societies
        *Battle for Wesnoth
        *Battleships Forever
        *Cave Story (even slower than TF2, wtf?)
        *Doom 3
        *EverQuest 2 (super finicky)
        *Lego Star Wars The Video Game
        *Midtown Madness 2
        *Moon Tycoon

        Don’t work or too glitchy:
        *AssaultCube (Reloaded)
        *TAGAP 1 & 2
        *Glest and MegaGlest


        • More games/emulators that work:
          *Yume Nikki
          *Super Crate Box (Rocket Silo map is slow)
          *Starsiege Tribes
          *Scorched 3D
          *ROM CHECK FAIL
          *Project Tempest
          *Need for Madness
          *MicroWar (need 1024×768)


          *School Tycoon
          *Sim War V
          *Rigs of Rods
          *Jetpack Basketball
          *Dino Run SE

          • Dwei says:

            ZSNES is a horribly outdated emulator, made for dos systems.

            Snes9x is the best overall alternative. 90% /++ of SNES roms should work on it with no game-breaking bugs. AFAIK, older versions of Snes9x can even work on a Pentium II MMX, though the framerate might be bad.

            BTW, Kega Fusion is probably the best Sega Genesis/CD/32X emulator available. The interface might be confusing though.

  48. Nach says:

    Some games i’ve played on my netbook:
    -Bejeweled III ( mid settings. A little choppy when there are many effects in screen but nothing serious)
    -Gratuitous space battles (mid settings)
    -Star wars KOTOR I & II (low settings if i recall)
    -Hammerfight (Low – Mid settings google how to configure it if runs a little choppy)

    and Dawn of war runs almost great on safe mode…

  49. Sam Kostka says:

    I have a game or 2 to add to the list, played on my Gateway LT40

    1GB RAM
    Intel GMA 3600
    Atom N2600 (Dual-core 1.6, Hyperthreaded)
    Windows Tiny7 (Slimmed down version of Ultimate, about the same performance as Starter/Windows XP.)

    Crayon Physics deluxe, runs well even with Aero on and with the Steam overlay in a window

    Super Crate Box (Free), slow in the Rocket Silo level as others have mentioned.

    And I would change Portal to Playable. I experience mild lag between tests and in the intro stage, but in the tests it runs smooth. You have to start it in DirectX 8.1 mode though, with the command “-dxlevel 81″ without quotes in Launch Options in Steam.

  50. CalCiller says:

    I’m running a Acer Aspire One D255E with a Intel Atom N570 @1.66 GHZ
    with 2 gb of system ram and Win7 Starter 32-bit

    Cube-runs very smooth
    Assault Cube-runs very fast and smooth
    Audiosurf-runs well on low settings
    Cossacks European Wars- runs nicely

  51. School Netbooker says:

    Got Counter-Strike:Source Working on Dell Latitude 2120. Specs:
    Processor: Intel Atom N455
    O.S: Windows 7
    RAM: 2GB
    Video card: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150, Intel® GMA w/ Broadcom Crystal HD Media Accelerator
    I needed this site for help, but ithink it works with every single source game:

  52. -...- says:

    Polda 2-5
    Polda 1

  53. Tiger says:

    I think someone had already pointed out DOSBox, but figured I would mention for any of you Elder Scrolls fans that Chapters I and II, Arena and Daggerfall, are free on the official The Elder Scrolls website. :)

  54. Chad says:

    Omg, I love your site!!

    btw, if you haven’t yet, make sure to use 3d analyzer – very helpful tool for netbook users! it emulates graphic drivers, etc. to enable you to play games you really can’t on netbook.

    tried and tested it on Re4 and Silent hill 4 on my HP netbook!

  55. DWei says:

    ^ don’t forget Betrayal At Krondor works well on dosbox too(has some audiobugs though), and imo it’s superior to Daggerfall

  56. Shadow Reaper says:

    Hey! you should put on the list among Half-Life this games too:

    Half-Life Opposing Force
    Half-Life Blue Shift
    Half-Life Decay
    Day of Defeat 1.3

    they work perfectly fine for me at full graphics/resolution. I´ve played them on a netbook with a Intel Atom N450 @ 1.66 Ghz, 1 Gb of RAM DDR2, 1024×600 display and Windows XP.

  57. Syafiq says:

    I give my spec on my netbook (n148 plus) that can help playing for more performance on netbook. First my os is Window XP SP3, window xp using your RAM about 400 mb Above. SP3 is better than SP2 because it can suport many new game. upgrade RAM, for netbook RAM is only 1gb, Upgrade it to 2gb to reduce lag on game.

    Window XP SP3 Professional
    Intel Atom n450 1660Mhz core 1
    Ram DDR3 2048 mb
    Intel GMA 3150 384 mb
    HDD 250 gb

  58. jhaneyron says:

    Hi, new here and just want to add Manhunt on the list “Good” and it runs fine on my netbook… going to try manhunt 2 later

  59. Paliss says:

    Hi i have Hp Mini 4160ew Intel Atom 1.86ghz and 2gb ram and i playing Cod 4 with lags but playable .

  60. repercussion says:

    hey… add the game, FREEDOM FORCE on your list. It’s tough but fun, and it works well on my NEO netbook. Thanks for the list of games.. ^_^

  61. ian says:

    I want to run farm simulator on steam but it,says I need shader mod 3, I have a net book
    an a intel atom inside GMA 3150
    250GB hard drive, 1GBP ram
    Is It possible or am I clutching at straws?

  62. jhaneyron says:

    Add Project Zomboid in good with minor lags when there are many zombies on the screen and Prison architect on excellent. Manhunt works good too but needs a patch to work on win7 and Vista ;)

  63. Ion says:

    A lot of the “Excellent” ones run really slow on my Toshiba NB250 (Intel GMA 3150, Atom N455, 1GB RAM). Pretty much anything with 3D graphics, actually. Quake 3 engine games run at pretty much less than 1 fps.

  64. ilovetech29 says:

    Got a problem with postal II…In intel gma 3600, people turn black when entering buildings.

  65. Nurel-GRC says:

    this free to play MMO title looks and plays similar to old Ultima games (looks like ultima 4,5,6 as you can see).

    its simple design and gameplay make for a perfecr mmo to play on a netbook, with loads of awesome content (after over a decade of develompent) and minimal system requirements.

    die hard Ultima fans, unsheathe your netbooks and give it a go.

  66. Ripkey says:

    who put re4 in good rating is stupid enough

  67. Irrational Gamer says:

    You need to include Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich. I have played this multiple times on my Acer Aspire ONE Netbook, and it has worked for me no matter what had happened.

  68. jhaneyron says:

    Hi, add Battle Realms on good with VERY minor tweaks on the .ini file… Thanks ;)

  69. Jessie says:

    Farm frenzy 3 works perfect
    chicken invaders 1,2 works great
    angrybirds works well
    trials 2 second edition works well
    Game of life path to success works fine
    Zork 1,2,3 *laughs* work great

    popcap games:zuma,chuzzle,isaniquarium deluxe,plants vs zombies,feeding frenzy 2. All work fine

  70. CalCiller says:

    Hey would SW:TOR run on my comp… Acer Aspire D225E specs are: Intel Atom N570 1.66GHz, 2 GB ram,Intel GMA 3150 integrated video card, Downscaling enabled (hidden resolutions).

  71. Exxo says:

    I only have 1GB of RAM but I can play LoL and DoTA2. Dota works at about 25 fps most of the time while LoL stays at an avarage of 10. Add LoL at the Maybe list as well ! (League of Legends)

  72. Dimas says:

    Hello admin,
    Intel Atom N450 1.66 Ghz
    Intel GMA 3150
    1 GB RAM
    Windows XP SP3

    i want to share what games i can play on netbook :

    – Gun (maybe) 20-30 FPS (game finished)
    – The Godfather 1 (maybe) 20-30 FPS (game finished)
    – GTA III Snow City(excellent) >30 FPS (game finished)
    – Bad Boys II (excellent) >30 FPS (level 04)
    – Just Cause 1 ( i use 3D analyzer & LAAAAAAAAAGGGG ) 15-20 FPS <help
    – Driv3r ( i use Swiftshader 2.1 & VERY LAAAAAG ) 10-20(very rare)FPS <help

    please add that game on list.
    to get more FPS you must try use FPS LIMITER (set to 25 OR 30 for Gun & Godfather, it very reduces lag) Razer Game Booster, & GameGain 3.

    terima kasih

  73. Dimas says:

    Oh yeah i forgot
    – Gun (640×480, all off)
    – Godfather (800×600, all off)
    – GTA III Snow city (1024x600x32, all on except TRAILS & FPSlimit)
    – Bad Boys II (800×600, all on)

  74. Jack says:

    Thanks bro, for the list of games on netbook. I was searching this list for my netbook and I’ve found this really complete list, thanks.

  75. iHeartMia says:

    Call of Duty 4 in Acer Aspire One D257 w/ Intel GMA 3150 384mb doesn’t run. It doesn’t support Vertex Shader 3.0. Anyway, you can use Swiftshader 2.1 or 3.0 but it is also unplayable. You can only get 2-3 FPS.

  76. John says:

    I have a Atom N280 1.66ghz, 2 gb ram, Mobile Intel 945, but GTa3, Half Life, Unreal Tournament lagg

  77. monstercameron says:

    amd c-50 netbook gameplay videos

  78. CD says:

    Thx for the list. I’m on a Acer AOD260 n450 1.66, 2 GB ram, GMA 3150 W7 64 pro w 4 GB readyboost flashcard. So far I’ve got Driftmoon, Anachronox, Darkfall 1 & 2, Still life, Inquistor, Nox, Penumbra(collection), The Cat Lady, Post Mortem, Syberia 1&2, Torchlight 1, Enclave, Call of Cthulu, The Thing, Dreadout Demo, Sacrifice, Gothic, Deus Ex, Rune(PC version of viking warlord for ps2), Jaws unleashed. So far so good, they all run fine without a problem

    • cd says:

      Correction they installed fine, my nephew didn’t get around to play testing. Darkfall, nox, still life and penumbra freeze up after the intros and I have to cntrl alt dlt and kill them.

      • Gelo says:

        The Penumbra series needs shaders as far as I know.

      • Corporal says:

        Hmm… in that case, I shouldn’t put them up on the list yet, then. If you do test them, let me know how well they run (Excellent, Good, Maybe, Forcible). I have added the four you listed on this comment up in the “Forcible” category.

  79. Gelo says:

    Hi Corporal! Add Scribblenauts Unlimited/ Scribblenauts Unmasked on “Good”. It’s working perfectly on my netbook. (2GB RAM, Intel Atom CPU N455 1.66GHz, GMA 3150, Windows 7 Home Premium)

  80. ilovetech29 says:

    I have a Lenovo S110
    Intel Atom N2800(1.86 ghz)
    2 gb ddr ram
    Intel GMA 3600
    Windows 7 ultimate

    My netbook can play:

    -Tropico and Tropico:Paradise Island
    -Caesar 3
    -Restaurant Empire
    -Caesar 3
    -Pharaoh and expansion Cleopatra
    -Master of Olympus-Zeus and expansion Master of Atlantis-Poseidon
    -Emperor:Rise of the Middle Kingdom
    -Democracy and Democracy 2

    -Evil Genius(adjust everything to low,expect slowdowns when the lair is getting bigger)

  81. SuperMan0234 says:

    Tested out Shadow Man, runs perfect on all high settings! Will be testing s few more games. Just got my Aspire One today for a whole 65 bucks :) Specs below:

    Windows 7
    2 GB Ram
    GMA 3150
    160GB HDD

  82. SuperMan0234 says:

    Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix runs pretty well on Medium at 640×480

  83. John says:

    Hey! Please add Vietcong(1ST Person shooter)and Game Dev Tycoon.

    Both are working flawlessly!

  84. Diebaeterz says:

    got another one…
    it’s Left 4 Dead 2…
    my specs> Intel Atom N455 1.66 Ghz, 1 Gb RAM DDR3, TOSHIBA 5200RPM Harddisk, Intel GMA 3150…
    average 3-8fps… 15 fps when looking down….
    putting this in the MAYBE would be great…
    doesn’t crash through out the game(believe me i played 1 map and it took forever!!!!)
    settings>>> everything lowest, res lowest

  85. DWei says:

    recently found this. list of games and ow to run them for an Acer Aspire One, Video Chip:GMA 950, RAM: 1GB, OS: WinXP

  86. jonathan says:

    I have a LT4010u and I cant play skyrim can you tell me at what im missing so I can play it and not worry about it crashing or the graphics messing up I really want to know what im missing.

  87. Aschere says:

    Freespace 1&2 are good, especially with the FSOpen mod

  88. eemarietan says:

    Could you add Papers, Please too? It runs really smoothly on my netbook with 1GB RAM, Intel Atom N2600/ GMA 3600 (1024×600 res).
    Windowed mode is too big and doesnt fit well, but in fullscreen it’s alright!

  89. CecillFF4fan says:

    All of the Mount and blade’s will work on your netbook you may have to force it to work. For me it is smooth until the battle becomes over 100 vs. 100, or up to 200 people on the map, on mostly medium settings. On low you can maybe make it to at least 370 troops on the map. M&B With Fire And Sword, it will lag a little bit more than all the others.

  90. Bannerlord says:

    Why is not Star Wars Jedi Knight III : Jedi Academy on this list ?

  91. pauljohn says:

    you should add faster then light

  92. fiveoinm8 says:

    Second Sight works awesome on my HP mini, if you are using 3d analyzer,Manhunt works flawless, and Heroes IV too…

  93. CecillFF4fan says:

    Well Some Good News. South Park The Stick Of Truth, Does Work on a Net Book.

    My Specs: GPU: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
    RAM: 2GB
    CPU: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N455 @ 1.66GHz

  94. Vinie Hawk says:

    I can Run Broforce (With Low setting) on my Axioo Pico W217CU Specs: Intel Atom N2600 1.2GHz, GMA3600, 2GB RAM, Windows 8 Pro. Low Setting mean Windowed, and low resolution, and anyway it’s playable and it’s almost very lag (sometime lag somtime not, based on the map size) Hope it’s Help :D

  95. Charuzu says:

    Just finished Portal just now on my TOSHIBA NB510 Netbook. My specs are 1.60Ghz Intel GMA 3600 2GB RAM It lags but no biggy, you dont teleport because of it.

  96. DWei says:

    “note : this network uses an AMD graphics chip,”

    sorry, i meant “netbook” not network.

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